• Christos Zerbinos - Miltos Logiadis - To Vals ton hamenon oneiron
  • Christos Zerbinos - Miltos Logiadis - To Pouli
  • Christos Zerbinos - Miltos Logiadis - Parathyro sti Thalassa (Samiotisa)
  • Christos Zerbinos - Miltos Logiadis - Mia Varkoula sto Feggari (Thalassaki mou)
  • Christos Zerbinos - Miltos Logiadis - Agapi mesa stin kardia

Christos Zerbinos – Miltos Logiadis

    “Christos Zerbinos is one of the most accomplished musicians of his kind. His interpretations are so emotional and every musical phrase is played with expressiveness and musicality. His technique, his flowing virtuosity, imagination and good taste served expressing these hushed confessions.”
    Nikos Dontas, Kathimerini

    “It is certain that those who have loved Manos Hadjidakis and / or his music will love the sounds that Christos Zerbinos and Miltos Logiadis offer us; sounds that are filtered with love, knowledge, respect and sensitivity.”
    Giorgos Monemvasitis, Critic – Music historian

Everyone who loves music written for the theater and film, such as the compositions of Astor Piazzolla, Dimitri Shostakovitch, and Manos Hatzidakis, will love the sounds that Miltos Logiadis and Christos Zerbinos bring us, filtered through love, understanding, reverence, and sensitivity. It is clear that this filtration process and their performance in this program are designed not to show off their virtuosity but to showcase their particular sensibility.

Miltos Logiadis, piano

Christos Zerbinos, accordion

Miltos Logiadis was the permanent conductor of the Orchestra of Colours from 1992–2011, and also conducted, among others, the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Orchestra of the Opera of Hamburg.

Christos Zerbinos, composer and soloist, has performed with the Munich Chamber Orchestra, the Sofia Soloists Chamber Orchestra, Alea III of Boston, and the Orchestra of Colours, among others.

Full Bios:

Christos Zerbinos
Christos Zerbinos was born in Kalamata. He studied music with teachers Papastathopoulou-Mavrea (the accordion), Max Halleker (the piano), Konstantinos Nonis (advanced theory), Theodoros Antoniou (composition).

He completed his studies in composition with all judges giving him top marks. He was also awarded the first prize and a monetary prize in memoriam of Manos Hadjidakis.

At the beginning of the ‘80s he started the systematic use of the accordion as a soloist. His experience as an interpreter in numerous musical cycles and musical genres lead him to the discovery of new techniques, new means of expression and also to the creation of a completely personal style.

“With Christos Zerbinos” contribution, the accordion, this instrument so misunderstood by Greek academic cycles, was elevated at the rank of a concert instrument” ( Giorgos Monemvasitis ).

With the double identity of composer and soloist, he joined the orchestras of Munchener Kammerochester, “Sofia Soloists” chamber orchestra, Alea III of Boston, the Orchestra of Colours, the ERT Symphonic Orchestra, the “Camerata”, the Friends of Music Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of the National Opera, the Greek Contemporary  Music Esemble, the Symphonic Orchestra of  the Municipality of Athens, the Symphonic Orchestra of the Municipality of Volos, the Athenian Chamber Orchestra, the ERT Contemporary Music Orchestra and Chamber Music ensembles.

On 22.01.2007 he interpreted the play “Kapote” for an Accordion and Strings Orchestra (Kamerata) by Giya Kancheli upon an order of the Athens Megaron Organization at the world premiere of the play.

Most of his plays are symphonic, choral, chamber music, plays for solos, plays for voice and orchestra. They constitute orders by Greek and foreign soloists, orchestras and chamber music ensembles as well as assignments by diverse organizations such as the Athens Megaron, the Third Programme ( the national classical music radio station), the Orchestra of Colours, the Union of Greek Musicians, the Religious Music Festival of Patmos etc.

Some of his plays have been repeatedly played in the USA and in Europe and have been transmitted by the EBU to many European places. In 2008 he played as a soloist at the Autum Festival in Warsaw.

He is a member of the BoD of the Union of Greek Musicians. He is also a member of the BoD of the National Opera. In addition, he has served as a member of the coordination branch of the Pan-Artistic Committee for culture and against war, member of the Administration Committee of the Fund for the Support of Greek Artists of Song and Dance, member of the Committee of Honorary Pensions.

Miltos Logiadis
Born in Athens in 1965, he studied theory and piano at the National Conservatory, where he was awarded First Prize and Distinction for Outstanding Performance. He continued his studies with a scholarship from the Alexander S. Onassis Foundation at the Munich Academy of Music with F. Schieri, Max Frey and Herman Michael, where he was awarded diplomas for choral and orchestral conducting, as well as a Meisterklasse Diploma with the highest grade ever granted by the Academy.

On completion of his studies, he was appointed Assistant Professor at the Munich Academy of Music conducting the Madrigal Chorus, as well as the Choir and Orchestra of the Catholic University (KHG). He went on to become conductor of the Opera of Ulm where he worked for two years.

In 1992 he returned to Greece and became the permanent conductor of the Orchestra of Colours following an invitation by its founder Manos Hadjidakis, a position he holds until today. He has performed numerous concerts in Greece and abroad, first greek and world performances of important works of greek and foreign composers like the opera by Claude Debussy Pelleas and Melissanthi, Thalassa by Nikos Skalkotas, Planets by Gustav Holst, Turangalila by Olivier Messiaen, the Concerts for piano and orchestra, Atmosphères and Lontano by Gyorgy Ligeti, works by Witold Lutoslawski as well as other important works of the 20th century. He has numerous recordings (NAXOS,VΕRVE,ΕΜΙ,SONY,etc) which include works by Nikos Skalkotas, Giannis Christou, Ianis Xenakis and by many other Greek and foreign composers.

He has also conducted the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Orchestra of the Opera of Hamburg, the Royal Danish Opera Orchestra, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, the Orchestra of the National Opera of Greece, the State Orchestra of Athens, the National Radio Orchestra of Greece, the National Orchestra of Thessaloniki,etc.

For the Olympic Games Athens 2004 he has recorded with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Greek National Symphony Orchestra the majority of the works of music presented during the opening and closing ceremonies of the games.

He is a professor of conducting at the Department of Music of the Ionio University in Corfu, Greece.