Doros Demosthenous

    “Doros Demosthenous has an undeniable talent he shares with his audience, his voice…. Moreover he has the gift of communication and can connect with the audience with an unexpected ease. He talks, he tells stories, he makes jokes, he goes up and down the stage, he dances with the people from the audience but most of all, he sings with his heart and soul!”

    >Korinna Laskaridou,


    Doros Demosthenous was born in Cyprus. He has studied vocals at the National Conservatory of Athens and graduated with honours.

    He has performed with:
    – the Orchestra of Colours
    – Manos Hadjidakis Music Ensemble
    – Ossipov Orchestra

    -In 1997 he took part in Aristophanes “the Birds” singing the songs of Manos Hadjidakis
    – In 1998-1999 he had the leading role in the Musical “Grease”
    – In 2000 he performed with the Oxford Symphonic Orchestra (“West Side Story”)
    – Greek Opera Society (“Dido and Aeneas”) and “Carmen”.
    – Orchestra of Mikis Theodorakis

    He has worked with:
    – Michael Cacoyiannis at Herodeon
    – Claude Crespin (Cirque du soleil)- “The Birds” of Aristophanes
    – David Gilmore-leading role in the Musical “Grease

    Latest concerts:
    – Theatre of Kremlin Greek Orthodox Festival
    – “From Cyprus and the Mediterranean” New York

    – 2009 – personal album titled “One for the Road”
    – 2005- “Amorgos” music M. Hadzidakis, Lyrics, N. Gatsos
    – 1999 – “I kardia mou Pethimonta” composed by Michalis Chrystidoulides with 16th century lyrics.

    Participations in CDs:
    “M’agioklima kai giasemia” L. Kiliadonis
    “O Tempelis Drakos” G. Hadjipieris
    “I epistrofi tou tempeli drakou” G. Hadjipieris
    “Ta mystika tou kipou” N. Kypourgos
    “Kipotheatro” N. Kypoyrgos
    “La donna et la luna” E. Ottaviano
    “Ina Ti”-D. Lagios