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  • Ta tzitzikia

Katerina Fotinaki

    «In quest of the equilibrium between scansion slam and her loyalty to a yearlong musical tradition, or else between a classical harp on an ancient mode and a …tempestuous cello, Katerina Fotinaki bravely dares a renaissance of Greek music».
    Télérama “fff” – (the album was awarded the three fff marks of the magazine; a distinction quite rare for an emerging artist).

    «As Katerina Fotinaki’s evanescent voice tries to hold on in a whisper-like
    manner, it enlightens and adorns, with her inner sensitivity, the verses of Odysseus Elytis, Kostis Palamas, Manos Chatzidakis, Dionysius Solomos: all those poets celebrated as the goldsmiths of Greek poetry».

    Le Monde – (the album has been rated by Patrick Labesse as the #4 best album of 2014 – Le Monde 29/12/14)


    Katerina Fotinaki belongs to the new generation of Greek diaspora artists.

    She left Greece in 2006 , to play with her elder and great Greek voice Angelique Ionatos on her performance “Sappho of Mytilene”. The duet then played together again in the performances “Like a garden at night”, “Anatoli”, and “And the dreams will take their revenge”. Katerina now presents her debut album “Tzitzikia” (“the cicadas”) that gathers thirteen songs based on modern Greek poetry (Elytis, Theodorakis…). “Tzitzikia” combines the Antique conception of art (Art as the supreme meaning of life), the Greek popular poetic tradition (inferiority, restraint) and contemporary composition and arrangements. While texts are about dream or the actual political situation in Greece, music is a dialogue between Anatolian themes and western contemporary music, with shades of tango. Each piece is a unique and non-linear reverie that reveal her talent both as singer, guitarist and composer.

    Katerina Fotinaki – vocals, guitars

    Stamos Semsis – viola

    Louise Jallu – bandonion

    Youssef Zayed – oud & percussions